Management Team

Management Team

Guided by our vision and strong values, LOGISTEC’s management team is focused on being proactive and committed to the highest standard of ethics.

Alain Pilotte

Vice-President, Strategic Initiatives

Carl Delisle, CPA auditor

Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Éric Sauvageau

Executive Vice-President - Sanexen

Frank Robertson

Vice-President, Operations

George Di Sante

Vice-President, Bulk Market Development

Ingrid Stefancic, LL.B., FCG, Acc. Dir.

Vice-President, Corporate and Legal Services - Corporate Secretary

Jean-François Bolduc

President LOGISTEC Environmental Services Inc. and SANEXEN Environmental Services Inc.

Madeleine Paquin, C.M., FSCMA

President and Chief Executive Officer

Marie-Chantal Savoy

Vice-President, Strategy and Communications

Martin Ponce

Chief Information Officer

Michel Brisebois, CHRP

Vice-President, Human Resources

Michel Miron

Executive Vice- President

Philip O’Brien

Vice-President, Business Development

Rodney Corrigan

President of Logistec Stevedoring Inc

Trip Bailey

Vice-President, Operations