Philip O’Brien was appointed Vice-President, Business Development in January 2021. He leads LOGISTEC’s experienced sales and business development team, accelerating network expansion, developing new opportunities and contributing to LOGISTEC’s bold growth strategy.

Before joining LOGISTEC, Philip was the President and Founder of Castaloop Inc., which LOGISTEC acquired in December 2020. Philip is best known for his unrelenting focus on developing innovative solutions and for working closely with customers. Under his leadership at Castaloop, Philip built a high-performance team that is recognized in the industry for being highly resourceful, flexible and agile.

Philip has over 25 years of on-the-ground experience in stevedoring, supply chain and international logistics. He was previously Director, Business Development with Groupe Bellemare and Vice-President, Sales and Marketing in the stevedoring industry.

Philip holds an MBA from the Lansbridge University, which he obtained in 2009.