Over the past 65 years, we have overcome one challenge after another with passion and determination. The coming years promise to be just as stimulating. We have decided to reiterate our commitment and our key sustainable development choices so that our family, now over 3,000 strong, can effectively focus their efforts on a common goal.

By empowering our people, demonstrating integrity in everything we do, setting clear goals and measuring our progress, we can offer our customers innovative services and products while we create value for our shareholders. Our sustainable development strategy aims to establish a balance between environmental, social and economic performance in order to secure our position as a leader in the environmental and marine industries. We firmly believe that it is possible for a business to be prosperous and accountable at the same time. And we seek to achieve this by leveraging our values and upholding the heritage that makes us who we are.

Environmental Stewardship



Reduce emissions & promote energy efficiency

  • Strengthen the LOGISTEC family’s sustainable development program
  • Achieve a Level 3 Green Marine score or higher for all our terminals
  • Introduce an asset management program

Save our resources

  • Develop a recycling program

  • Develop a ZERO PAPER program with a 20% reduction target

  • Reduce water bottle purchases by 50%


Green up communities

  • Launch the “Partners in Planting” initiative in conjunction with Tree Canada to introduce more trees into our communities in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way