MONTREALAug. 26, 2019 /CNW Telbec/ – SANEXEN, Canada’s leader in soil rehabilitation, and Avatek Immobilier, a company founded by Horizon Environnement to develop real estate on contaminated lands, are inaugurating an innovative project to trace construction, renovation and demolition (CRD) debris and fine residues (FINES) in collaboration with Réseau Environnement.

Avatek Immobilier is committed and at the forefront of using Traces Québec’s traceability system, developed by Réseau Environnement, to track the City of Mascouche’s more than 50,000 tonnes of waste (CRD/FINES) in real time using GPS up to their legal intended destination.

 “Quebecers are evermore concerned about their environment and want to see new measures in place to ensure environmentally responsible waste management. The municipalities also want effective waste management in a stable environment. Traceability is the optimal solution to meet that goal. The needs are growing and urgent. Therefore, it is crucial that the waste management practices be customized and provide effective tools,” said Éric Sauvageau, Executive Vice-President, SANEXEN.

Achieving this innovative project will provide the Quebec Ministry of the Environment and the Fight against climate change with the opportunity to validate and establish new standards in Quebec.

“Obviously, we encourage any initiative that can help improve waste management in Quebec. Waste traceability proves to be the best way to prevent the illegal discharge of contaminated soil, it deserves to be evaluated so we can also fight against illegal dumping,” said Richard Campeau, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of the Environment and the Fight against climate change, at the announcement.

“We are proud to be involved in this important project. Waste from materials recovery facilities, including screened debris, are complicated types of waste for which there are few solutions today. Our team of scientists have been working on the responsible management of such waste for several years. We have developed advanced knowledge with our partners allowing us to optimize management of such waste,” said Mr. Sauvageau.

This project would allow contaminated site owners to prove beyond doubt that they have adopted exemplary, responsible waste management practices. Today, Avatek Immobilier is transitioning from concept to action and will be the first private company to carry out a waste (CRD/FINES) traceability project in Quebec. “By teaming up with Traces Québec and SANEXEN, we have chosen to leverage our field of expertise for the good of the community and we are confident we will achieve a sustainable revitalization that supports the City of Mascouche’s environmental, economical and development objectives,” stated Alnoor Manji, President, Avatek Immobilier.

“Traces Québec was developed to support industries towards environmentally responsible management of their waste. We are pleased to see Avatek Immobilier adopt this innovative tool, which guarantees waste management in line with sustainable development for a society that is working towards a prosperous green economy,” said Christiane Pelchat, President and CEO of Réseau Environnement

The pilot project should be completed in November 2019.

Sanexen Environmental Services Inc. (SANEXEN), member of the LOGISTEC family, is one of Canada’s leading providers of environmental solutions, including contaminated site remediation, manufacturing of woven hoses and trenchless structural rehabilitation of underground water mains. From the very beginning, SANEXEN has assisted industrial, municipal and governmental customers in dealing with environmental issues to deliver optimal value solutions that are best adapted to their specific needs.

About Avatek Immobilier Inc.
Avatek Immobliler Inc. (AVATEK) is a company that strives to contribute to the wellbeing of people and communities by being actively involved in the rehabilitation of contaminated land. As such, the company allows land that otherwise cannot be developed to be reused. Every area that is rehabilitated prevents the use of raw land, farmland or other land, and helps stop urban sprawl. The company is associated with Groupe Horizon, the biggest player in the safe treatment and burial of untreatable soil in Quebec. Among its shareholders, Avatek is proud to have a team with all the technical, legal and financial knowledge to acquire, rehabilitate and develop contaminated lands in urban areas.

About Réseau Environnement
Réseau Environnement is a non-profit organization created over 50 years ago whose mission is to promote environmental best practices and innovation.  It groups together specialists from the fields of water, waste, climate change, soil and groundwater, and biodiversity from public, private, municipal and quasi-public sectors. Réseau Environnement is the key reference in excellence and is a catalyst for solutions to achieve a sustainable society.

SOURCE Logistec Corporation – Communications

For further information: Marie-Chantal Savoy, Vice-President, Strategy and Communications, LOGISTEC Corporation, 514- 235-3911

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