Unifying talent and expertise and innovative solution.


Following the recent success and recognition achieved by the ALTRA Proven Water Technology suite, the company is adopting a single brand as the next step to unify its innovative solutions, leveraging its talent and expertise to strengthen its position in the marketplace.


ALTRA Solutions offers a series of comprehensive solutions to protect and renew water infrastructure including ALTRA Water Technologies (formerly Aqua-Pipe), which addresses aging water main infrastructure issues, ALTRA Lead Solutions (formerly Neofit), which protects people from lead in their drinking water, and ALTRA PFAS Solutions, eliminating potentially harmful “forever chemicals” from water, offering truly flexible, fluid and proven management solutions for long-lasting and sustainable results.

With water technology centers across Canada and the United States, ALTRA Solutions has the expertise and scope to take on large, complex projects, while remaining sufficiently agile to be competitive at the local level for smaller projects. We strongly believe in working hand-in-hand with our customers and communities, listening to their challenges and developing new and innovative solutions that respond to their goals, but we are not just looking at the problem as of today. We are looking at providing solutions for a sustainable future. Our technologies are created with this in mind.

“We look forward to continuing to serve our customers and making a major impact on the communities where we work through our contributions to today’s most critical water challenges.”


“It is a direct reflection of what we have accomplished, where we are today and of our vision for the future. It reflects our uncompromising determination for excellence and innovation to deliver complex and sustainable projects. ALTRA represents our mission to provide solutions for a future where safe, clean water will be guaranteed for generations to come”

Benoit Cote, President of ALTRA Solutions llc

Questions and Answers

What is the difference between “ALTRA Solutions” and “ALTRA Proven Solutions”?

“ALTRA Solutions” is the business entity, within the Logistec family, that executes contracts to perform water main renewal and PFAS contaminated water treatment projects in the US.  ALTRA Proven Solutions is the brand that units our product and services internationally.

What does this change for you?

Absolutely nothing!  You will continue to receive first-class expertise and exceptional execution by the group of great individuals that you have come to know and appreciate.

Will my contact person change?

Absolutely not!  Please continue to reach out to us for all your water main renewal and PFAS contaminated water treatment needs.

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