Our Communities

We care greatly about the communities in which we live and work. We weave our values into our everyday activities.

An important pillar for the LOGISTEC family is to find the most effective way to support the northern communities. We strongly believe that Canada is truly a Northern nation.  The North is a fundamental part of our heritage and our national identity, and it is vital to the future of Canada. We recognized the tremendous opportunities – as well as the many challenges – that exist in the North. That is why LOGISTEC felt it was important to allocate more resources and attention to Northern issues. As a result, in 1998, LOGISTEC established a unique partnership with the Northwest company and created Transport Nanuk Inc. which offers marine transportation to the Arctic communities through its subsidiary NEAS (Nunavut Eastern Arctic Shipping Inc.).  Over the years, NEAS has developed strategic partnerships with key Inuit companies to help provide more work for Inuit personnel,  as well as to provide cargo transportation services to the various Inuit communities. Part of our mission is to ensure the region achieves its rightful place, and our team continues to take concrete actions to deliver on this mandate.