Tighter regulation of the PFAS class of chemicals is on its way. Comprising over 6,300 chemicals found in hundreds of products resistant to stain, heat, oil, grease, and water, PFAS are under rapidly-increasing scrutiny by researchers, the media, and the public, due to the mounting evidence linking PFAS contamination to a wide range of health problems and environmental impacts.

Martin Bureau, Vice-President Innovation at Sanexen; Tim Cansler, Government Relations and Strategic Communications consultant and Jennifer Bailey, Vice-President business development at Sanexen will provide a thorough synthesis of the state of the current situation. The Legislative and Regulatory Outlook for PFAS in the USA, a review of the current applied technologies and their respective efficiencies; an overview of PFAS treatment options, the pros and cons of each, the process for selecting the optimal PFAS removal technology for a given application.