LOGISTEC plays an important role as the provider of choice for safe, sustainable and creative solutions in the marine and environmental sectors. It has proven to be an amazing success story, not just fueling the revenue line of the business, but also the LOGISTEC family’s ambition to build a resilient team. Over the last 5 years, the LOGISTEC family has significantly increased to reach the current number of over 2,300 employees.

Mr. Blanchette joined LOGISTEC as Vice-President, Human Resources in March 2015. Stéphane leads the team whose purpose is to find, nurture, and retain the extraordinary talent that helps shape the great LOGISTEC family. He also acts as the steward of the LOGISTEC safety culture. Stéphane carries an unwavering belief in the power of each individual to effect positive change, and play a major leadership role in creating a safe and productive work environment. Stéphane channels this passion into building deep, helpful relationships with team members and partners so that, together, they can create clarity, enthusiasm, and belief in moments of real-life transformation.

“Our goal is clear – create a safe and productive environment which allows our people to continue to push the boundaries and develop creative and sustainable solutions for our customers in both the marine and environmental sectors. We all share the responsibility to ensure that our people return safely home to their families.”

Stéphane brings more than two decades of experience to LOGISTEC. He has worked alongside leaders from the natural resources industry such as Smurfit-Stone, Domtar, Noranda and Tata Steel combining his experience in Human Resources and Management to help them achieve their goal of a safe and productive workplace that is receptive to change and willing to continuously improve. Mr. Blanchette holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Relations from Université Laval and is a member of the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés since 1992.