Luc Sabbatini is CEO of PBSC, a leading global provider of sustainable mobility solutions for smart cities.

Deeply passionate about innovation, design, technology, and urban planning, each of Luc’s professional endeavours has destined him to hold his current role at PBSC. He namely spearheaded the media activities of one of the world’s largest telecommunications providers, while serving as a corporate director for some of the fastest growing players in the areas of marine logistics, environmental services, architecture and interactive gaming.

As an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Luc strives to shape a world where every person can fulfill their purpose by taking advantage of the most affordable, sustainable and efficient mobility solutions possible. Over the past couple of years, Luc has propelled the growth of PBSC, taking it from the local success story that is the BIXI scheme in Montreal, Canada, to a world-renowned reference in the development, deployment and operation of bike sharing technologies.

Having graduated from the prestigious schools of HEC Montréal and Harvard University, Luc continues to invest both time and resources to further important social, academic and entrepreneurial initiatives that are close to his heart. A highly solicited speaker, he regularly shares his views on urban tech and mobility-as-a-service at conferences and industry events such as the World Cities Summit and the Ferrovial Mobility Executive Forum, in addition to being profiled in global publications such as Monocle, and featured in the prestigious Top 40 Under 40 list, recognizing excellence in business leaders across Canada.

Luc lives for PBSC’s vision, to change the world one city at a time, mobilizing hundreds of thousands of bike share users every day to join the movement.