Daniel Boisvert joined Niedner back in 2010 as  Director of New Market Development, he quickly got promoted to General Manager in 2012. He has over 30 years of experience in business development, manufacturing operations and electronic expertise. He is an adept of thinking outside the box and identifying strengths and leveraging innovation to increase sales.

Niedner is a world-class leader in the hose manufacturing industry. It was founded in 1895 and now counts 150 employees. It offers a wide range of high quality, lightweight, flexible and resistant large diameter woven-jacketed hoses that are sold around the world in a wide range of industries such as forestry, municipal, industrial, governmental, snowmaking and aviation.  . Niedner developed a wide range of hoses that pioneered the fire hose industry in the 70’s and 80’s. Niedner also provides the innovative technology developed by Sanexen, the Aqua-Pipe liner used for water main rehabilitation. In 2009, it was acquired by Sanexen Environmental Services Inc.

Daniel has a DEC in electronics from the CEGEP of Sherbrooke and was a communication technician and operator for the Canadian Armed Forces for 11 years. Integrity, self-motivation and a constant drive for excellence best describes his strengths to successfully develop and execute business plans and grow revenues.