Rideau Bulk Terminals unveils its new logo

With the recent opening of this year’s shipping season along the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway, Rideau Bulk Terminals is giving its brand a fresh new look.

“Rideau Bulk has been using its classic turquoise logo for a number of years, and the business has grown significantly in recent years. We wanted our new design to be bolder and brighter, but still incorporate some of the previous features,” says Alain Lefebvre, General Manager. “In the coming weeks, our customers will be seeing this new logo on our trucks throughout Ontario and Quebec.”

In addition to trucking, Rideau Bulk provides handling and storage services for salt, sugar, aggregates, fertilizer and a variety of other bulk cargo at ports in eastern Ontario, including Johnstown, Morrisburg, North Gower and Toronto.

At its inland terminals, Rideau Bulk also offers transloading and break-bulk services. Its Ottawa facility is served by CN Rail and primarily handles salt, forest products, and general cargo.

For more information, please visit www.rideaubulk.com.